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 Privacy Policy

Protecting the confidentiality of the information you submit to is of great importance to us. We will use our best efforts to ensure that submitted information is kept private and used only in the ways described below. If you have further questions regarding our commitment to you, please feel free to contact us at


Your resume, cover letter and all related information submitted for distribution of your resume is considered strictly confidential, and unless required by law to do so, will not disclose that information to anyone without your authorization. On your ordering our distribution services, we will distribute your resume, cover letter and related information (provided by you) to our network of recruiters.

We may make you aware of products and services that we believe may be of interest to you, or contact you regarding changes in our products and services. You may opt-out of receiving these types of communications from us. Opt-out information will be provided in such marketing related communications.

For those who submit their email address to receive free career updates and newsletters:

Your email address will be used to send you newsletters, career updates and product/service information from and affiliated companies. We may send you updates, advertisements or marketing information in these newsletters. All advertisers will be required to send their ads through us. We will never at any point of time sell or rent these email addresses or your personal data to third parties.

If you input information on a site with a link or an ad on's website  your information may become the property of such third party. We are not responsible for the information that any such partner company receives.


When recruiters sign up to receive free resumes, we collect some information. This information will be regarded as confidential. We will send recruiters that opt-in to receive a free newsletter with relevant advertisements and materials that may be of interest to the recruiters. Recruiters can opt-out of receiving newsletters and such material at any point of time. We will also contact recruiters to provide information relevant to our services, policies, offerings etc. We will not any point of time rent or sell recruiter information to third parties. Recruiters may periodically receive advertisements through our newsletters. All ads will be routed through us only.


We may collect and group information of those who use our site or services. The data collected may be used anonymously and in groups to improve our services and offerings and for planning, marketing, and advertising our services. We may share this information with our affiliates and partners, but all your personal information will remain anonymous.


We may conduct surveys/research studies or provide areas within our site where you can submit feedback to us. It is not necessary to provide such information, but if you do provide it, any such information submitted to us through these methods become the property of We may use this information and feedback for marketing purposes.


We do not collect your credit card information, we use professional credit card processing companies to process all our transactions. While submitting your credit card information you will be taken to our credit card processing company's secure website. Information on the merchant being used will be provided on the payment page. You may contact the merchant to find out more about their privacy and security policies. Although we are very careful about the merchants we work with, is not responsible for the actions of these credit card processing companies.


All changes in our privacy policy will be updated on this page. Please visit this page regularly to learn more about privacy policy. For further questions send us an email at:


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